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​Welcome to The Q Policy

We are a warranty provider which works closely with developers and builders to help improve standards of construction.


Working with Q means that builders and developers benefit from our technical expertise and input during the construction phase. 

We combine vast experience in the construction industry with a zeal to improve building standards.


Our focus is with the customer - whether you are a developer, builder, housing association or homeowner, we aim to provide support, insight and integrity.

The Q Policy is a structural warranty you can trust.

Your Policy Cover

Each of our policy range is slightly different depending on the nature of the policy and the underwriter of the policy. However, broadly speaking, every policy provides some insurance cover for the owners of the buildings usually for 10 years following completion of the build period. Each warranty is slightly different, but typically they include cover for the following:

Two Years post completion of build

During the two year period following completion of the build, the Developer or Builder is responsible for arranging the repair of any Defects identified and reported by a Policyholder. This period is either known as the "Defects Liability Period" or the Customer Service Guarantee Period depending upon which policy you have.


When you have purchased a new home from a Developer, our policies also require the Developer to follow the requirements of the Consumer Code for New Homes. 

You will find out more about your specific policy cover in the Insurance Policy booklet you were issued along with your Insurance Certificate, and this will tell you who the Insurer of your policy is too. 

The Q Policy, like most insurance policies, has certain exclusions which you need to be aware of. You should check your policy documents for the specific cover, conditions and exclusions that apply to your home.

For a summary of the cover available, we have created Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) for each scheme we operate.

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For New Homes

New build homes can be different to older buildings due to some of the building techniques used and the nature of some of the materials. Here we highlight a few things you will need to know in order to get maximum enjoyment from your property.

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Make a Claim

If you experience issues with your new property, you should contact your Developer or Builder.

If you think you need to make a claim under the policy, find out how.


Cancel your

If there is a reason you no longer require your Q policy, you have the right to cancel your insurance policy at any time.

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