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The Q Policy offers residential developers and builders the opportunity to work with a warranty provider which helps you to deliver high quality developments that exceed the expectations of your buyers.

Q partners with companies which are committed to building properties of the highest standard. Our team will carry out a regular site inspection programme - not to police your sites, but to work with you to encourage the best building standards. We are committed to offering the most regular and best risk management approach in the UK.

Our extensive experience in construction means we understand the challenges and opportunities involved in development projects, so we work with your teams to help identify solutions and address known problems during the design and construction process, which helps to protect your reputation and improve building standards.

Let's build better!

How does The Q Policy work?

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Our Technical Approach

Refurbishments & Conversions


Our Insurance Policies


Consumer Code



Regular and consistent site inspection programme for key build stages

- Q commits to having the most regular and best risk management approach in the UK


Dedicated Q Site Surveyor for each project

- Q employs experienced and knowledgeable surveyors who understand your projects 


A practical & pragmatic approach to your project

- Q works with you to navigate design or construction issues to achieve the most appropriate solution


Comprehensive reporting using our electronic inspection app

- our surveyor will aim to issue a report listing any defects and remedies required when they leave site


Competitive pricing and no membership fees

- we'll be on-site more regularly but aim to be sensibly priced, with no added registration fees.


Accessible communication channels at every stage of the project

- from sales & surveying, underwriting, registration & completions, our team is here to help when they can

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Contact Us

No matter what anyone else tells you, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to Structural Warranties. 

Call our Sales Team now:

Neal Doggett - 07557 335 952

Mark Thompson - 07496 824 361

Or please email us at:

Got a new project?

If you would like to work with Q, please get in touch - we're great believers in building lasting relationships with our clients and our sales team is happy to discuss your project with you and get a pricing indication to you as quickly as possible.

No matter what anyone else tells you, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to Structural Warranties - most projects are unique as as the project teams involved, so we want to make sure we understand your needs so that we can confidently manage your expectations in terms of price and service as early as possible.

To get a non-binding price indication for your project (for comparison purposes), you can download our Project Proposal form below, along with our Plot Schedule, complete them both with as much information as possible and email them to us at

To make the pricing process as smooth as possible, please also send us:

  • Site Investigation Report

  • Site Layout Drawing

  • Any other drawings and details you have already had done

  • Any other reports or surveys which have been done

  • Existing Structure Condition Survey (if there is an existing structure)

If you have any difficulties downloading the forms or need to query anything with us, please don't hesitate to call the team on 0333 577 2800 - they can guide you through the process or assist you if necessary.

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