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Cancel your Policy

Your policy provides you with some insurance cover against structural defects arising from the design or construction of a new property which were undiscovered or not known to exist at the time it was completed.


You have the right to cancel this policy at any time, however please note the important note below.

Important Note before Cancellation

Cancellation of your policy will remove the Structural Defects Insurance Cover for your property.


Before you decide to cancel your policy, it is important to check with your Funder, Lender, Landlord or Professional Adviser that you will not breach any condition of your loan, lease or other contracts for your property. You may also want to consider whether cancellation could affect the ability of any subsequent owner to obtain a mortgage, funding, or lease.


If your property includes Common Parts for which you are jointly responsible, your cancellation will apply to both the cover on the individual home and the cover for your share of the cost of any claim relating to the Common Parts. So if you cancel your cover, you will still be obliged, under your lease or title, to contribute to the cost of any repairs along with your neighbours.

How to cancel your policy

If you wish to cancel your policy, please notify Q quoting your Policy Number (which can be found on your Insurance Certificate) and your full postal address:


By e-mail at:

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