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The fundamental aim of The Q Policy is to improve standards of construction in the UK and by offering a more frequent and comprehensive inspection schedule than any other warranty provider in the UK, we are of the firm belief that being on-site is the only way to properly monitor and enhance quality construction, working hard to eliminate defects before they can cause problems for property owners.

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Residential Policy

The Q Policy for Open Market Residential properties has been developed with all of the constraints of housebuilding in mind.

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Affordable Housing Policy

The Q Policy for Affordable Housing has been specifically designed for Housing Associations building, purchasing or commissioning New Homes in the UK.

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Private Rental Sector

Our Private Rental Sector policy has been designed for private commercial landlords who are building, purchasing or commissioning new-build and converted properties to retain for private rental in the UK.

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Bespoke Residential

The Q Policy for Bespoke Residential properties is designed for individuals who are building or commissioning their own home to live in, working with a Main Contractor. 


Commercial Property

Whether you're building a business park, hotel, retail park, fast food outlet, supermarket, cinema or office complex, The Q Policy for Commercial Property provides warranty cover for new-build and converted commercial premises in the UK.

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- why do I need it?

Latent Defect (commonly referred to as Structural Defect)

A defect which remains undiscovered at the date of completion (of a property) but manifests itself during the period of insurance by way of actual physical damage.

Insurance is an important safety net in any building process; protecting your investment and giving Customers, Property Investors & Developers the peace of mind they need to plan properly and develop properties of the highest of standards.


In the construction process, even with the best of intentions, sometimes mistakes can happen, which can cause costly problems in the future.


That’s where Q comes in – providing Structural Defects Insurance to cover potential defects from the design or construction process which could be expensive to put right.


Ultimately if a property has been constructed with an insurance product behind it, the design and construction have to meet certain standards, which means that the quality you would expect of a new property meets all relevant standards.

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