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Find your IPID

​An Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) is designed to provide information on general insurance products in a standardised format to help customers to make a more informed buying decision when comparing insurance products. These were introduced in 2018 so if your policy was issued before that, please contact us direct.

The IPID which applies to your policy will depend on the type of policy you have and which insurer underwrites the policy.

Please check your policy document and Insurance Certificate to find out which insurer underwrites your policy and then select the appropriate IPID from the lists below.

Residential Policy

This policy will apply if you bought a new home from a Developer. ​

Insurer: CGICE - projects registered up to and including 18 May 2022

IPID Residential Policy - CGICE version 1​

Insurer: FMB / Everest

IPID Residential Policy - FEVR version 1.2

Insurer: Canopius

IPID Residential Policy - Canopius version 2

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