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Party Wall Surveying

Our advice extends to Developers, Builders and also those affected by construction works, regarding the requirements of the Act, ensuring that works are adequately planned, statutory notices are presented / received within required timescales, and ensuring that works are carried out in compliance with the law, dealing with adjoining owners and their surveyors (if appointed) to smooth over any issues, ultimately ensuring that works can be carried out within programme and without undue disruption to those affected by the works. 

Surveying Services

Our Surveying Services are delivered from a background of extensive experience in the construction & insurance industries; we aim to provide you with a sensible, pragmatic and high quality service that truly adds value to your business.


Thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach to service provision, our surveyors are fully conversant with all current and planned legislation with a technical support team behind them to plug any knowledge gaps.


For us, it is not as simple as looking at projects in isolation, our surveying services are delivered from the perspective of the Client, contextualising each and every case, while providing a truly independent opinion, with practical and managed solutions.


Q can provide Party Wall Surveying, Thermographic Surveying, Condition & Dilapidations Surveys and Property Insurance Surveying services, as detailed below.

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Thermographic Surveys

Q can offer thermal imaging and diagnostic services to provide thermographic surveys to property developers & owners and contractors in order to provide useful information about the thermal performance of a property.


A thermal imaging survey identifies where air leaks in or out of buildings and can show inadequate or missing thermal insulation. It is a quick, non-disruptive inspection, which provides visual results in pictures.


Using sophisticated thermographic cameras, we will survey your property, paying particular attention to any areas you highlight as being problem areas. Following survey, we will then provide an analysis of the findings of the survey, assessing root cause of any issues picked up and providing you with a visual record of the survey.


We can undertake our thermographic survey in a non-invasive manner, to avoid unnecessary interruptions to either the building process or the usage of the building if there are customers / clients in-situ.

Building Surveying

Dilapidations Surveys

Undertaking very detailed surveys to record the condition of building components and systems, as a result of minor wear and tear/staining etc. These surveys are generally carried out prior to letting a property or terminating an existing lease.


Our comprehensive reporting is carried out electronically to provide real-time information to all parties concerned, providing photographic evidence to substantiate any negotiations required in lease evaluation.


Following a dilapidations survey, we can also provide you with a comprehensive remedial works costing, with scheduled programme likely to undertake any repairs necessary in order to bring the building to an acceptable condition either before next lease or to instruct the outgoing tenants responsible.



General Insurance Claims Surveying

Q can undertake a general insurance surveying service across the UK, with a national team of surveyors, who act on behalf of insurance companies and/or property owners direct, to assess property damage insurance claims (following flood, fire, structural failing etc), providing professional advice and project management of remedial works.


We pride ourselves on our common sense approach to insurance surveying, assessing damage and structural condition of properties, as well as commenting on insurance cover and approach, providing accurate and detailed reports & potential costings to insurers / Clients with a rapid turnaround.


Our remedial works project management service is clearly and practically specified and we work with remedial contractors to ensure a smooth works programme, with minimum disruption to the property owner and insurance company.


Our speciality in general insurance surveying ranges from individual losses to large-scale, one-off major losses with a rapid response time, key to accurately assessing damage and minimising further losses.

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Q can offer a comprehensive Party Wall Surveying service, throughout England & Wales, delivered in full compliance with the Party Wall Act 1996. We can fulfil any role as defined within the Act - as agreed surveyor, adjoining owner’s surveyor or the third surveyor, giving impartial & independent advice throughout.  

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Q can offer Building Surveying services throughout the UK, including Condition Surveys, Dilapidations Surveys and Property Insurance Claims Surveying.

Condition Surveys

We can carry out condition surveys to suit a variety of needs including property condition surveys looking at structural defects and general conditions to provide advice where there may be problems, as well as looking at property condition prior to adjacent construction works to clearly and professionally document the pre-existing facts.


We can also carry out Boundary Condition Surveys and Roads/Pavement Condition Surveys – which are particularly useful for establishing the facts prior to development works – a much needed tool for proving causation or defending damage claims once works have started.