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Welcome to The Q Policy

We are a warranty provider which works closely with developers and builders to improve standards of construction, and protect the rights of homeowners.


Working with Q  means that builders and developers and builders get the best technical expertise and guidance during construction. It also means that homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their homes are built to last.


We combine vast experience in the construction industry with a zeal to improve building standards. Our focus is with the customer - whether you are a developer, builder or homeowner, we provide sound advice, support, insight and responsibility.

The Q Policy is a structural warranty you can trust.

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Your Policy Cover

There are so many benefits of owning a new home and this should hopefully ensure that you are happy in the coming years. Although rare, sometimes problems can occur with new buildings and if they do, it is important that you are protected against this risk.



Deposit Protection Cover – optional cover

(Before the sale of your new home completes)


Before the completion of your new home, The Q Policy might provide you with some cover if you have paid a deposit under contract to the developer for your new home and the developer does not commence work or finish the new home due to fraud, insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation, subject to a maximum of the amount of the deposit you paid.


Cover under this section of the policy is limited to the amount of the deposit originally paid, up to a maximum of £100,000. If your deposit was larger than this, your developer should have made arrangements to protect the additional amount in a suitable client account.



Policy conditions and limits apply. Please refer to your policy documents for full details.


Please note - if your developer has not included this section of cover, it is because they have made arrangements to protect your contract deposit by placing it in a client account designed for holding client monies which means that if something happens to the developer before legal completion, the deposit will normally be recoverable from the account where it is held, in liaison with your solicitor or legal representative.

Customer Services Guarantee Period

(The first two years of your policy cover)


During the first two years of the policy cover, the developer or builder is responsible for putting right defects in your property. If they fail to do this because of fraud, insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation or fail to satisfactorily resolve a dispute between you and as a result refuse to rectify the defects, The Q Policy will cover the cost of the works.



Policy conditions and limits apply. Please refer to your policy documents for full details.

Structural Insurance Cover

(Years 3 onwards of your policy cover)


After the end of the Customer Services Guarantee Period, and for a minimum period of eight years, The Q Policy will cover the cost of repairing, rectifying or putting right damage caused by a defect in the structure of your new home.


Where relevant, insurance cover is also provided for the cost of professional fees incurred in connection with the claim and removal, storage and return of property which has to be moved out of your new home, as well as the cost of alternative accommodation if it is necessary to move you out during any remedial works.



Policy conditions and limits apply. Please refer to your policy documents for full details.

Statutory Notice Indemnity Cover

(From the effective date of your policy)


For a minimum period of ten years, The Q Policy provides insurance cover if the Environmental Agency serves a Statutory Notice on you as a result of contamination within your new home boundary.



Policy conditions and limits apply. Please refer to your policy documents for full details.

Policy Documents and Summary of Cover

You will have received your policy document and insurance certificate(s) direct from us by email when your developer/builder notified us that the sale of your new home had reached legal completion.


If you need another copy of your policy document or insurance certificate(s), please call us on 0333 577 2800 or contact us at [email protected].  

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The Q Policy, like most insurance policies, has certain exclusions which you need to be aware of. You should check your policy documents for the specific cover, conditions and exclusions that apply to your home.


Valid claims under the Structural Insurance Period will be settled in accordance with the details provided in the Basis of Claims Settlement section of the Insurance Policy Wording.


The Q Policy does not operate a policy excess, so you don’t have to pay the first part of a claim. However the policy does apply a minimum claim value of £1,000, to sections 2, 3 and 4 of cover. This means that if the cost for dealing with any one claim is below £1,000, the underwriter will not be liable under the policy. However, where the cost of dealing with any one claim is £1,000 or above, the underwriter will meet the costs in full, within the terms of the policy.

Important Notes