"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution"

John Ruskin. 1819-1900 (Victorian Art Critic, Draughtsman, Social Thinker & Philanthropist)

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Our Staff

-   the surveying teams

    the day-to-day face of Q working with our Partners to ensure the highest of standards


-   the underwriting team

    making technical & insurance decisions on schemes, working with the Underwriters to provide the appropriate solution


-   the claims team

    working with our customers to address any issues and iron out any problems


-   the sales & admin teams

    providing an effective interface between Customers, Partners & Staff, communicating directly, clearly and on time


-   the management team

   directing operations, monitoring systems, developing products, listening to feedback & constantly striving for perfection for our Customers and

    Partners – there are no ivory towers at Q!


Our Mission:   to improve standards of construction in the UK – one building at a time!

Corporate Values

Who are Q’s Stakeholders?

Our Customers

-   the beneficiaries of our policies

    property owners of a home, apartment block, office, warehouse or business park



Our Partners

-  those constructing the buildings

   quality Developers & Builders whether small, local builders or national housing developers


-  the insurers underwriting the policies

The Q Mission Statement

Our Mission:   to improve standards of construction in the UK – one building at a time!

The Principles of our Mission

Clear & Concise
Consistent Approach
Plain English
Fair & Reasonable

Our Keywords

For Q it will always be about quality. We’re passionate about “getting it right first time” and providing those constructing the buildings with real support and guidance. We guarantee a minimum of 8 inspections per unit (with many more depending upon size, type and complexity) which is more than any other Structural Defects Insurer in the UK – and we will continue to ensure we have the best risk management approach in the country!

We think we’re reasonable people and because of this, the underlying principle of The Q Policy is to adopt a fair, reasonable and consistent approach with all of our stakeholders during the underwriting & build processes and ensuring a consistent approach to claims decisions and cover.

Our Ethos
Our Risk Management Process
Our Partners

We’re not about policing our partners’ sites – we have a vested interest in them getting it right first time, because then our customers buy a quality product. So we will work with them to provide guidance, assistance, training and support to ensure that together, we will create a top quality product, as free from Structural Defects as humanly possible!

Our Customers

We understand the actual needs of our customers; that the building they purchase (as a home, work environment or investment) is the quality product they were promised. Because of this, we have been able to develop The Q Policy to be of maximum benefit to all property owners and in our aims, communications, documentation and systems; we attempt to demonstrate a clear and concise framework with policies written from a foundation of fairness and openness without clouding any of our policy intentions with “clever” wording.

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