"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution"

John Ruskin. 1819-1900 (Victorian Art Critic, Draughtsman, Social Thinker & Philanthropist)

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Key Features of The Q Policy for Residential Properties

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Registered Members

Q only insures New Homes which are sold and built by companies registered with us.


This means we have “health” checked these companies when they registered with us and subsequently on an annual basis, by reviewing product history, personnel, working methodologies, financial health, credit scoring, insurance standing and health & safety standards.

Protection during the Construction Phase

As part of The Q Policy, we also offer additional Deposit Protection Cover which can provide you with insurance cover when you make a deposit under Contract for the purchase of a New Home, against the possibility of the Developer being unable to complete the New Home, due to fraud, insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation.


When Contracts are exchanged on the New Home, it is possible to take out this additional part of the policy to provide cover from when the deposit is made under Contract to the Developer until the date of legal completion of the New Home purchase, providing insurance for up to a full refund of the deposit (within the financial limitations of the Policy).

Customer Service Guarantee Period - Two Years following Completion

Many new home warranties require anyone selling a new home to administer, address and remedy any problems in a new home in the first two years after purchase.


And at Q, we think that the best way to offer you an outstanding customer experience is for us to oversee the Customer Service Guarantee Period direct from Day One, and we will then liaise with the Developer / Builder to ensure any valid Defects or Damage are adequately assessed, rectified and monitored.


In the first 6 months of cover (what we call the Snagging Period), we encourage you to formally provide Q with their Snagging List, so that we can make sure that if there are any Defects or Damage with your New Home, they can be formally addressed as soon as possible with least disruption to you and in a fully co-ordinated manner with the Developer / Builder.

Structural Insurance Period

Following the Customer Service Guarantee Period, up to ten years from commencement, any Damage which is discovered by you should be reported  direct to Q and when these are valid claims, will be rectified directly by Q.

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Q for Homeowners

In the UK, some 200,000 homes are newly constructed each year. If your new home comes with a Q Policy, it means it is a quality property; with enhanced up-front risk management driven by a more rigorous inspection regime, Q has been working hard with your Developer to eliminate defects in your new home before you even bought it and certainly before they can cause any problems for you!


And the policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicates 4444/958 which are managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited!


There are so many benefits of buying a new-build home, and at Q we think that buying “new-build” should mean that you are buying a quality, defect-free, low-maintenance home and that is why we only work with quality Developers and Builders. Being realistic however, sometimes problems can occur with new buildings and if they do, it is important that you are insured against this risk. And that is where The Q Policy comes in!

Our Policy also gives you the opportunity to have direct control over the cover provided on your new home with a clear and unambiguous route for pursuing claims, if they arise, and the option to extend cover beyond the market’s traditional ten years for as long as you want it.


The Q Policy is flexible and fair, is rigorous in aim and scope, and is completely transparent. It provides you with no-fault redress if defects cause damage to your New Home, ensuring that the new home promised to you by the Developer is the one you actually get!


And if you subsequently want to change the layout or add an extension or a conservatory, we give you the option to do this and maintain cover for the whole property accordingly. (Just let us know before you make any big changes – since we also offer you advice and cost-saving options!).

What do you need to know about The Q Policy?

Q – the mark of quality

Q provides a vastly enhanced on-site Risk Management Process compared with any other warranty provider. Each new home is inspected a minimum number of times during the lifetime of its construction, at key stages of the build process, to make sure that the build is in compliance with the Q Technical Standards and Building Regulations in force at the time.


This means we monitor quality on the build of your New Home and although we can’t give you a cast iron guarantee that it’s perfect, the fact that we’ve accepted it for insurance cover, means we’re reasonably certain you shouldn’t have any major problems with it which have been caused by poor design or build.


In the unlikely event that you have any problems because of this, that’s what your Q Policy is for! And your policy has been underwritten by a quality name in the world of insurance - Lloyd's Syndicates 4444/958  managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited.


Find out more about Lloyd’s here.


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  • Minimum of 8 inspections per plot - more than any other warranty provider in the UK

  • Quality Insurance Product offering Lifetime Cover - underwritten by Lloyd's Syndicates 4444/958 (see above)

  • 2-Year Customer Services Guarantee Period

  • Single point of recovery for any claims - you deal with Q direct from Day One of cover

  • Deposit Protection Cover available

  • Snagging Service available

  • Cover automatically included for costs incurred in connection with a claim including loss of rent or alternative accommodation (including pets), removal of debris, removal & storage of property and professional fees

  • Structural extensions & modifications can be included in cover

  • Clear, concise & unambiguous cover

  • Structured Dispute Resolution Service available

Our Risk Management Approach

Dispute Resolution Service

Dispute Resolution is inherent in Q's whole approach to providing Structural Defects policies, since we can deal with any claims the Homeowner may have from day one of their policy cover anyway. We believe this will normally help to avoid disputes between Homeowners and Developers or Builders, ensuring that any valid issues are dealt with effectively and efficiently.


However we do recognise that there may be times when formal disputes can arise outside of the normal process and Q can formally help to resolve such disputes relating to a Developer or Builder's responsibilities under Section 2 of The Q Policy, ensuring a fair and transparent process for all parties.

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Technical Standards

Q operates guidance and mandatory Requirements provided as our Technical Standards for all elements of build in conjunction with current Building Regulations, British/European Building Standards and good building practice.


Looking after our Policyholders

Of course, quality doesn’t just extend to the construction process.

We aim to provide you with a quality experience from the first day we get in touch and for the duration of your policy.


Our Customers are you, the Homeowner, and you are the main focus of not only our products, but also our energies! Q’s mission is to improve standards of construction in the UK – one building at a time! Which means less Structural Defects but ultimately better quality homes for you!

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