"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution"

John Ruskin. 1819-1900 (Victorian Art Critic, Draughtsman, Social Thinker & Philanthropist)

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Consistent Service for your Customers

Policyholders deal direct with Q for any claims from Day One, regardless of when claims are made and they can expect clear, concise, unambiguous cover and fantastic customer service.


Enhanced Risk Management Process

Q guarantees to visit each plot at key stages of the build process, an absolute minimum of 8 times (for residential) and 10 times (for commercial) during the construction phase. We believe in being present on-site to monitor progress and quality for our own risk management purposes, but also to assist and advise you when you need it.


Technical Advice and Support for the Developer / Builder throughout

Our whole process has been developed to work with Developers and Builders in partnership to provide feedback, guidance and training when it is needed, to ensure your products are of a consistently high standard, and our insurance-risk is minimised. And you can expect all of this from our experienced and highly-skilled surveying force who will work closely with you throughout the build process.

What do you need to know about The Q Policy?

Lifetime Cover

The Q Policy offers an unlimited term of Latent Defects cover for any New Build Property – if you or your customers want Lifetime Cover, you can have it.



Reduced Developer Liability Period

The Developer / Builder Liability Period is designed to make the whole process easier;


-  Private Residential Policy - 6-month liability (compared to the standard 2 years)

-  Commercial Policy - the Contractual Defects Liability Period

-  Affordable Housing Policy - the contractual Defects Liability Period

-  Bespoke Policy (for Build to Contract Builders) - the Contractual Liability Period.


Lifetime cover with reduced liability at truly comparable cost to the Developer or Builder

– what more could you want?!

Key Benefits of The Q Policy for Developers & Builders

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Residential Developer Guide

Commercial Developer Guide

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  • Better Cashflow:  Q doesn’t require you to put aside monies into Escrow, assisting your cashflow!

  • Reduced Liability:  6-month Developer’s Liability Period - significantly reduced from the market standard of 2 years - and lets you realise profits earlier!

  • Reduced Costs:  Since you only have a 6-month liability period and your customers come to us direct with any claims, you won’t need your customer care teams to be on standby for years after sale.

  • Better Quality Control:  We guarantee a minimum of 8 surveys per plot for residential properties and 10 for commercial, offering greater site presence from knowledgeable surveyors who will help you to solve any problems as they arise. We don't police, we problem solve!

  • Mutual Customer:  We offer a consistent service for our Policyholders who deal direct with Q for any claims from Day One – therefore they are our mutual customer! And we commit to clear, unambiguous policy wording and a fair & reasonable approach to claims - we strive to offer fantastic customer service every step of the way.

  • Modern Methods:  We know not everyone uses traditional construction methods and at Q we actively embrace innovation & eco-friendly building methods: why not? It's the way the world is going & we're not ones to shy away from progress!

  • Unique Selling Point:  Lifetime Cover available for your properties – it’s the ultimate in product enhancement!

How Does it Work for Developers & Builders?

Get a Quote for your Development

If you think you might be interested, get in touch with us for a quote as soon as possible.

We will need a few details from you to give you an accurate quotation which will include;


- Site Location / Address

- Number of units you intend to build

- Anticipated Sales Value of the units

- Intended programme for design & start on-site

- Outline of the type of construction which will be used

- A Copy of the Planning Layout (if available)

- A short outline of your company history and previous developments


Every Builder & Developer will register on The Q Register, to enable them to provide The Q Policy for new and refurbished properties.


Initial registration will involve a quality check; reviewing product history, technical capabilities, personnel, methodologies, insurance standing, HSE checking etc. This will then be renewed annually, with a “Health Check” to ensure that each Builder & Developer on the “Q Register” is in-sync with the Q Philosophy.


Designers will register on The QD Register and Contractors on The QC Register – to demonstrate an approach to Design Standards and Build Quality that Builders & Developers can be assured of.


Following acceptance of registration and payment of premium, we will start to gather all relevant information from you and will also provide you with the name and contact details of your Q Risk Management Surveyor, who will get in touch with your Site Manager to discuss the project and map out the timescales involved.

Preparation before Commencement

With full access to our online Technical Standards as well as the direct advice available from your Q Surveyor, we ensure your professional teams have a wealth of information and technical data to ensure the design complies with the Q Requirements.


Prior to the start of any site, we will also visit site to meet your site management team and to review the site environment with them, to ultimately ensure you’ve planned adequately for anything which could potentially lead to future problems or costly delays (whether structure related or indeed project management / cashflow issues).

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Construction Phase Visits

During the construction phase your Q Surveyor will not only undertake site visits at pre-determined, arranged stages of construction but will also be on hand to provide advice and a degree of technical support to assist your team through the construction process.


The underlying principle of The Q Policy is to improve standards of construction in the UK – one building at a time! We’re passionate about getting it “right first time” and providing those constructing the buildings with real support and guidance so we guarantee a minimum number of visits so that we will continue to ensure we have the best risk management approach in the market.


During our site visits, we will obviously inspect the works which have been carried out to date, to ensure that they are in accordance with good building standards, but we also pride ourselves on being more than an inspector. At the end of the day, we want your property to be of as high a standard as you do, so we will highlight any areas which are potentially problematic and work with you (and your contractors) to get it right – we won’t just leave you with a headache to solve on your own.


Generally speaking, we will visit each plot a minimum of 8 times during the construction phase (although the number of visits will largely depend on the size, type and complexity of the build) – and if you find it useful, we can also arrange additional visits to suit you, to help you with your project management and quality control.


During our visits, all of our observations are recorded by the Q Surveyor while on-site and we will make our report available to you shortly after our visit.

Sub-Contractor Insurance

As part of our service to you, we can also vet the insurances of all your sub-contractors, ensuring that they provide adequate coverage and are valid and suitable for the project.

Find out about our Risk

Management Approach

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Housing Developer’s Liability – Snagging Period and Contractual Liabilities


Standard new build warranties require Developers to address and remedy any problems in the first two years after purchase. Q takes a different approach.


We manage policy cover direct from Day One, and the way this works, is that we ask the Homeowner to undertake a Snagging List which they notify to us within six months of completion of purchase. This will cover a range of items, some of which will be covered, some which may not – we will manage the Homeowner’s expectations and clearly define what then needs to be rectified whether as a contractual item or a policy item. 

Terms of Business

As part of the registration process, we sign a contract between us and you, setting out the terms of business, what we expect from you and what you can expect from Q.

Technical Standards

Of course, while we've designed The Q Policy around the Policyholder to give them the ultimate experience of their New Home, we also know that there are Developers & Builders who are so proud and confident of their properties that they want to take a lot more ownership in the relationship with their customer once they've moved in (whether it be a home or business park!).


If that sounds like you, then please do speak to us. Although our policy sets out how we intend to work with both the Policyholder and Developer, we are flexible and modern enough to discuss alternative approaches to ensure that your quality brand is protected and maintained exactly how you want it to be! Talk to us now!

Want more ownership?

Developers / Builders Liability Period

We will then liaise with you, the Developer, as soon as we have heard from the Homeowner and ask you to rectify any valid notified items (including contractually agreed items). Q will monitor this process and ensure that necessary repairs are catalogued and closed out. In some cases, if repairs are minor or there has been a problematic relationship with the customer, we offer a service so that the Developer may arrange with Q to undertake these repairs on their behalf.


We will continue to manage the process within the first 6 months following completion of sale between you and the Homeowner for all claims which are valid and have been notified in the first 6 months.


Following that, Q will assume responsibility for any structural defects, under the terms of the policy.


We understand that sometimes disputes or problematic relationships can develop with customers which can cause all parties unnecessary trouble. In such situations, where it is required, Q will facilitate a mediation process between the Homeowner & the Developer, through which all parties must then agree to abide by the outcome. We think this will help you to manage your relationship with your customers and protect your valuable reputation.

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Commercial Developer’s Liability – Contractual Liabilities


During the Contractual Defects Liability Period (as specified in the Build Contract), the Commercial Developer will rectify any defects, although the Policyholder notifies us of any issues, to ensure a co-ordinated approach: which benefits both your customer and also the Developer, particularly if any disputes arise. Following that, Q will assume responsibility for any structural defects, under the terms of the policy.

Q - Commercial

Affordable Developer’s – Contractual Liabilities


During the Contractual Defects Liability Period (as specified in the Build Contract), the Affordable Housing Developer will rectify any defects, although we ask the Housing Association / RSL to notify us of any issues, to ensure a co-ordinated approach: which benefits both parties, particularly if any disputes arise. 

Q - for Property Owners


Following the Contractual Liability Period, Q will assume responsibility for any structural defects, under the terms of the policy.

Build to Contract Builders



If you have been appointed by an individual to Build a Bespoke Property under Contract, your liabilities extend to the Cotractual Defects Liability Period (as specified in the Build Contract).

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Q - for Developers

Developers & Builders

Find out more about Q for You! using the links below:

Homeowners Self Builders Developers & Builders Designers & Supply Chain Solicitors & Conveyancers Brokers

Our approach is to offer sensibly priced, quality services to assist developers & builders with protecting their workforce and supply chain, complying with relevant legislation and avoiding the threat of court cases, fines, corporate manslaughter charges, insurance claims or damage to their reputation.


Our Policy ultimately ensures that your homeowners have direct control over their Structural Defects cover with a clear and unambiguous route for pursuing claims with the option to extend cover for the projected lifetime of the property, if they want it.


Q also provides cover if your customers subsequently want to change the structural layout or add an extension (to meet the demands of a flexible modern lifestyle); we give our Policyholders the option to do this and maintain cover for the whole property accordingly.


The Q Policy is flexible and fair, is rigorous in aim and scope, and is completely transparent. It provides greater protection than other products on the market to ensure that your new-build properties are of the standard your customers expect and come with lifetime cover if they want it!

The Q Policy offers Developers and Builders in all sectors of construction a unique opportunity to provide their customers with a Structural Defects Insurance which is fit for the 21st century - we offer you an insurance product which is really useful to your customers should they need it!


The fundamental aim of The Q Policy is the enhancement of Quality Construction and we achieve this by working with you, not policing you, to rectify known problems and by offering a more frequent and comprehensive site-survey schedule. Our guarantee is that we will provide more site visits through the build phase with more detailed & useful management information to assist you in achieving your business objectives, ensuring that time and time again, you are able to deliver quality properties for your customers


Essentially, if the new properties you build come with The Q Policy, it means they are quality properties; with our enhanced up-front risk management driven by a more rigorous site surveying regime than any other Structural Defects Warranty provider, Q has been working hard to eliminate defects in your properties before they can cause any problems for your customers!

Q’s mission is to work with you and your teams;

- we aim to improve standards of construction in the UK – one building at a time! 

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